Printed Nose Cone

Years ago, I posted a video on molded fiberglass nose cones. With the widespread adoption of 3D printing, there's now an easier way (running time m).

Watch directly on YouTube.

In this video, I show the process of designing and planning a part, drawing it in Fusion 360 and finally some tips for 3D printing.

Fusion 360 is a common choice for hobbyists because it's easy to use and free for non-commercial use.

The Balsa Machining Services drawing of the Estes BNC-50J and my Fusion 360 3D model are also available as well as the STL file on Thingverse.

The 3D printer shown is the Prusa I3 MK3. I chose it because of its widespread use and good reputation, but mostly because others I know have them so we can share information.

For more on Fusion 360's parametric capabilities, this video tutorial is excellent.