The Loc/Precision I-ROC kit is the rocket which is supposed to get me my Tripoli level 1 certification. This is a simple "big and slow" rocket appropriate for a first high-power rocket. (Of course, as is typical for me, I've done things backwards and am already building a larger rocket, the Bull Dog.)

The rec.models.rockets community seemed to favor the Loc/Precision EZI-65 as the ideal level 1 certification rocket. However, I'd already purchased the I-ROC and since it has a 38mm motor mount, it seemed more appropriate for level 1 (H and I motors). Anyway, I like the color scheme on the front of the Loc/Precision kit card, but as you can see, mine turned out looking like a big crayon!

I did indeed get my level 1 certification with this rocket at a ROC launch in 1998. Much later, I made a video on building an L1 cert rocket.


The Pictures

I-ROC side view I-ROC in the sky
I-ROC launching   I-ROC recovered
The I-ROC launches on its maiden voyage and for my level 1 certification attempt. After a beautiful flight, the I-ROC is recovered intact other than scratches from the hard desert ground.

The Kit

The instructions for this kit were standard Loc/Precision: just enough information on the back of the kit card.
I wish I knew how they did the gradient at the top. It must be some kind of decal.

I-ROC kit card

One thing I added to this rocket is the Aero-Pack Motor Retainers. These are great and no high-power rocket should be without them. Forget about masking tape: the motor housing keeps the motor from sliding forward during thrust and the Aero-Pack retainer keeps it from sliding backwards at ejection.

Aero-Pack Motor Retainers